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Together Leading Compassionately is a new well-being offer that supports, connects and develops leaders and managers in health and care across Dorset.

T.L.C. is an offer of two halves; Inspirational 90-minute webinars hosted by expert speakers centred around managing and leading compassionately and collaboratively; And facilitated sessions that offer a safe space to connect, share, coach and learn with peers across the Dorset Health and Care system.

Keynote speakers – webinars
Peer coaching and personal support

Inspiration Space

Keynote speakers 

Inspirational webinars from keynote speakers focused on leading with the wellbeing of others in mind and structured around  the “Our Leadership Way ” principles

  • 14 September 2022, 1pm-2.30pm  

    Byron Lee – focusing on the links between compassion and inclusion, anti-racism as relational and allyship.

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Byron Lee founded Added Value Learning in 2003 following 15 years as an independent trainer and coach, including many years working in health and social care. He has always had a strong belief in ‘giving back’ of a contribution and helping to improve the world we all share. In addition to being a professional trainer he is a counsellor, therapist, in particular helping people in recovery from addiction and has an established meditation practice.

In an increasingly complex world, the ability to understand and operate effectively with different people and unfamiliar situations is key to success. In this 90-minute webinar Byron will explore themes centred around equality, diversity, and inclusion from a systems perspective. He will explore the support, motivation, opportunity, and skills needed for Active Allyship as well as make intrinsic links between inclusion and compassion as a leadership approach and how to be present and mindful about our bias when being compassionate. Byron will also discuss how anti-racism work is relational and involves an active process of relationship building to help people hold those in power accountable.

  • 11 October 2022, 12.00-1pm

    Anna Hemmings MBE – World Olympic Champion Kayaker focuses on developing resilience in ourselves and Peer in our leadership approach and why it is harder than we think.

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Anna Hemmings MBE is Britain’s most successful female marathon kayaker with a staggering eleven World and European Championship medals, 9 of them gold. She is now a leading inspirational speaker on resilience and high performance. By the age of 24 Anna had been World Champion 3 times and competed at the Olympic Games.  In 2010 she was awarded an MBE for her services to sport.  She achieved this success against all the odds. Since retiring from sport Anna has become recognised as a specialist in the field of resilience and the psychology of high performance. She is an accredited Leadership Coach and founded Beyond the Barriers high performance training consultancy.

Resilience has always been fundamental to our performance and wellbeing but with the turbulent times we are experiencing it is more important now than ever. The influx of demand and limited resources can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm for many; it’s crucial therefore that leaders boost their resilience so that they can thrive not just survive in this challenging time. In this inspiring session we will draw on some of the parallels and key lessons learned from the science of performance and insights from elite sport to teach leaders some highly effective and practical techniques to ensure they are well equipped to function calmly, rationally, and sustainably throughout this challenging time.

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • Provide inspiration, tools and techniques to strengthen resilience
  • How to be resilient in our decision making and bring people with us in challenging times
  • Identify what motivates you and others to get the best out of everyone
  • Identify and learn to harness the strengths that you can rely on in pressure situations
  • Get clear on priorities and how to stay focused on what is important.
  • 19 October 2022, 12-1.30pm

    Alec Grimsley from Optimus OD – ‘Interpersonal Resilience powered by an Outward Mindset – developing an Outward mindset for positive relationships in tough times – LIMITED SPACES.

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Alec Grimsley has devoted 17 years of his life to understanding human relationships and the art of having important conversations. 24 Chief Executives and their teams have trusted him with facilitating some of their most important conversations and over 6,000 leaders and managers have attended his workshops. Alec is an author and writes for the UK press. His book “Vital Conversations” reached number 1 in the leadership category of Amazon (UK).

The number one challenge of NHS and other care organisations is retaining and attracting colleagues in an already stretched service.  One overlooked solution is ‘interpersonal resilience’. This is the resilience we gain from the quality of our work relationships and our levels of civility in the way we interact with others.  Everyone can play their part by adopting an Outward Mindset that drives respectful relationship building behaviour:

In this 60-minute masterclass, you will cover; * What is interpersonal resilience and why it’s crucial to surviving such difficult times; * Understand the difference between an Inward & Outward mindset, * Why we build our relationships and interpersonal resilience through how we regard others

(Outward Mindset drives civility); * Self-reflection and discussion where ‘I’ might be negatively impacting others and reducing others resilience; * Tools and ideas for how we can play our part to create a resilient team or culture. Delegates will receive – * PDF of slides; an 8 page professional summary of best-selling book and Access to further Outward Mindset resources.

  • 2 November 2022, 3-5pm

    Neuroleadership Institute – a speaker from the institute to talk about the SCARF model, a brain-based model and how it can help leaders stay focused and productive and navigate through crisis.

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In 2007, David and Lisa Rock and their team had been working in leadership development and executive coaching for ten years, when David coined the term “NeuroLeadership.” They realized that bringing a more concrete, science-based approach to growing soft skills would not just resonate with business leaders but also make any change initiative more effective. In its first few years, NLI published the foundational papers in the field, including the first paper on the SCARF ® Model.

In this 90-minute webinar we will be joined by an inspirational speaker from the Neuroleadership Institute who will speak to us more about the SCARF ® model a brain-based model that summarises the important discoveries from neuroscience about the way people interact socially. The model is built on three ideas, 1. The brain treats many social threats and rewards with the same intensity as physical threats and rewards. 2. The capacity to make decisions, solve problems and collaborate with others is generally reduced by a threat response and increased under a reward response. 3. The threat response is more intense and more common and often needs to be carefully minimised in social interactions. During this webinar the speaker will explore this concept with the audience and how our environment and stressful situations can increase the likelihood of us invertedly triggering a threat response and how instead to consciously trigger a reward response.

  • January 2023 date TCB

    Andy Lister – Ex UK Special Forces Operator talks to us about his experiences in our elite military and the power of the human touch, compassion, and teamwork under extreme pressure and in high stakes situations.

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Andy Lister joined the Marine Commandos at 18 and serving in the UK military for nearly 20 years. The last half of that in UK Special Forces – Special Boat Service (SBS). In 2014 he was medically discharged from the Forces after sustaining several severe injuries whilst deployed on an operation. This required 24 operations, mostly from our amazing teams at the National Health Service here in the UK. (Thank you NHS from Andy) Sadly, he could not go back to full active Tier 1 service and had to leave the teams at that point. Since then, he has worked his way up to Managing Director of a Global Digital Forensics organisation.

During this 90-minute webinar Andy will share some inspirational stories of his time in the military, specifically relating to his final mission where he will describe the power that human touch, compassion, humility and team camaraderie can all have physiologically as well as psychologically. He will describe how being vulnerable and ‘human’ at work can have significant benefits in building relationships and connections with others and how these traits can help build better resilience in yourself and in others to help push through the rough and tough times.

  • February 2023 date TBC

    Myron Rogers – A deep dive into Myron’s Maxims and why they are helpful in supporting cross organisational change.

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Myron Rogers is an author, speaker and consultant with a practice in large-scale organisation change and leadership development. He co-authored the best-selling A Simpler Way. His work has covered a broad range of organizations and issues–from battlefield learning with the U.S. Army, post-Apartheid business development in South Africa and strategic change initiatives in the NHS, He is also known for “Myron’s Maxims”, simple rules for complex change.

Sometimes working with living systems and complexity can seem overwhelming. Complex theories combined with huge inter-related webs of relationships, people, activities, organisations, priorities, budgets and so on. During Myron’s 90 minutes with us he will discuss Myron’s Maxims – simple rules for complex change and will bring these to life and describe some of the work he has done with in the Dorset system to bring these to life and invite you to discuss your experiences of these in action in the work you do.

Myrons Maxim’s – a simple way of working with a living system:

  • People own what they help create
  • Real change happens in real work
  • Those who do the work, do the change
  • Connect the system to more of itself
  • Start anywhere, follow everywhere
  • The process you use to get to the future is the future you get.
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Safe Space

Peer Coaching and Personal Support

Facilitated safe spaces for leaders and managers to improve their own/their team’s wellbeing by coaching and supporting each other with leadership challenges, especially during this time of an endless pandemic.

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What is the offer?

  • You will form a group with up to 10 other leaders and managers from across the Dorset system, meeting once a month for just 2 hours.

  • A trained professional will facilitate the group to create a psychologically safe space to explore and support each other through your leadership dilemmas.

  • Open to any manager or leader across the system, the value being you will learn from others with a diversity of roles, experience, sectors, professions, organisations, cultures etc, truly embedding the concept of inter-disciplinarity.

  • Safe spaces will enable leaders and managers to explore the application of new learning from the webinars to their personal leadership and management challenges.

What are the benefits?

  • There is significant evidence to support the practice of stepping away from your problems to find new insights and solutions to previously taxing issues.

  • Sharing your problems and co-designing solutions and sharing your planned actions is a more effective way of ensuring changes are followed up on.

  • You will develop your own skills in coaching others, in active and compassionate listening and questioning as well as learning from peers across a variety of disciplines, experience, organisations and professions.

  • Providing restorative reflection time and action in practice to help you look after you as a manager and leader as well as look after those you manage.

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Who will facilitate?

  • A faculty of ALS facilitators from Practive Ltd and a number of trained facilitators from across the system.

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