Meet Anna

My name is Anna. I’m a happy mum of two wonderful girls. My life can get busy at times but I have my husband who is always there for me.

During my 12 years of experience in the NHS, I have observed how compassionate nursing staff are towards patients and their families. This is why I love being a nurse. My first NHS role was as a housekeeping assistant and that is where my nursing career ambitions started.

Since then I have worked my way up, developed my skills and had various job roles. At present, I work as a Community Rehabilitation Assistant within an Intermediate Care Team, providing support to acutely unwell patients at home. The role is about preventing admissions to acute hospitals and facilitating hospital discharges to support clients and enable them to stay in their own homes at times of crisis. I enjoy being part of this wonderful team and my present job role has given me a clearer picture of my chosen nursing career pathway.

I have looked for a nursing degree course many times, however having a young family who depend on my income has been a barrier that has prevented me from being able to train as a nurse. I saw a leaflet about a Nursing Apprenticeship information session, which gave me confidence that one day I might be a qualified nurse.

With support from my managers and colleagues, and great communication from the Learning and Development Department, I was able to apply for the apprenticeship route.
I started my training at the beginning of February and so far it’s been amazing. The Open University and Dorset Healthcare work so closely together that I feel safe in practice and supported by them at all the times. My tutors and mentor are always there when I need them.

I feel empowered by my employer and appreciate their support. I feel able to provide an excellent service in practice.