Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s talk about posture!

I don’t know about you, but 13 months of working at home have seen me sitting at my desk in, well, shall we say ‘less than desirable’ positions.

Legs crossed, or one foot tucked up under me, I’m pretty sure it’s far from textbook, and not doing me or my body much good.

Luckily our fabulous physios are on hand to offer advice and guidance…

They’ve developed ‘Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s talk about posture’, a brand-new four-week course (of just 30 minutes each week) where they’ll explore sitting, lying and moving with a group.

And it’s not just about the skeleton – Viviana and Rhya will also be exploring how good posture can work wonders for our mental health.

Places on the course (which starts on Tuesday 25 May and runs on the three subsequent Tuesdays) are free, but numbers are limited, and you’ll need to be able to attend all four sessions.

So if you’d like to learn more about how good posture can help both body and mind, grab your place now!

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