Covid-19 has put huge strain on staff right across Our Dorset. The demands of the last year are taking their toll on the wellbeing of employees, many are feeling fatigued, stressed and in danger of burnout. 

We have identified a need to support our people as they emerge from this challenging time and focus on personal wellbeing and team restoration. We have partnered with Beyond the Barriers training consultancy founded by Anna Hemmings MBE – Olympian, World Champion, Leadership Coach and Resilience Specialist, who will deliver a Strengthen Your Resilience programme for us in September and October.

Anna will draw on her experience of elite sport and business to reveal what it takes to be resilient and to thrive in challenging environments.

You’ll learn how resilience is different from toughness or strength and why resilience is so important, given the pace and scope of change that we are experiencing. 

Objectives for the programme

  • Create space for staff to focus on their own wellbeing 
  • Provide inspiration, tools and techniques to strengthen resilience 
  • To support staff as the pace and focus of work changes over the year 
  • Provide opportunities for staff to reflect on what is challenging to them and create solutions 
  • Inform and educate line managers so that they can support their teams further 

What’s in for you?

  • Attend RLE clinics and normalise how you are feeling by sharing with colleagues and finding collective solutions 
  • Opportunity to resolve challenges you are facing by using the Resilient Leaders Elements framework 
  • Increase your awareness of what takes you from pressure to stress and what action you need to take to rebalance 
  • Improved clarity of direction so that you know where to focus your attention, what to prioritise and how to filter out distractions 
  • Discover tools and techniques to harness in the face of future challenges and build your capacity to be more energised and resilient 
  • A library of resources will be created and available to all, outlining typical challenges faced by staff and suggested solutions 

Course content and dates

Keynote speech webinar – 8th September, 12-1pm

Open to all staff

Anna Hemmings MBE will introduce the programme, outline the series of inspirational and educational sessions planned and bring the Resilient Leaders Elements model to life. 

Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) webinars 

Open to all staff • 60 minutes each 

Anna will reveal a toolkit of the behaviours and strategies that will allow you to strengthen your resilience using elements of the RLE framework 

1 webinar per element:

Clarity of Direction – 15 September, 12pm

 To help you filter out distractions and stay focused on what is important 

• Creating a goal so you know where you are going and why 

Techniques to stay focused on what is important and filter out distractions that cause worry, energy drain and anxiety 

• Manage perspective and reframe challenging situations 

• Learn from mistakes and setbacks and use what you have learnt to move forward 

Leadership Presence – 22 September, 12pm

 Develop your authenticity and build the foundations for strong relationships and support 

Gain clarity on your values and identify what is present and what is missing in your life right now 

Clarity on your roles and relationships 

• Developing a support network

Awareness – 29 September, 12pm

Increase understanding of what takes you from pressure to stress and how to rebalance 

• Understand what takes you from pressure to stress 

Identify the stress warning signs and symptoms to be aware of 

• Develop a strategy for building recovery into your daily life 

• Strategies for staying calm in the moment 

Resilient Decision Making – 6 October, 12pm

Develop your ability to make good decisions when it really counts 

Strategies for thinking correctly under pressure 

• Improving decision making in challenging environments 

Build your creative decision making by identifying blocks that prevent you from moving forward 

Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) clinics 

Open to all staff (maximum of 24 people per clinic) • 60 minutes each

Bring your challenges to wellbeing and resilience and use the RLE framework to find solutions 

  • 13 October, 12pm 
  • 20 October, 12pm
  • 27 October, 12pm 

How to book your place

Please note, that to attend the RLE webinars and clinics, you must have attended or listened to the opening presentation on 8 September.

If you need more information, please email