Managing stress and building resilience for NHS and care sector staff

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Recognise stress for yourself and those around you. Swap temporary coping with long-term stress-management techniques and tools.

About this event

This 75-minute free online course will inspire you to Manage your own Stress whilst Building Resilience into your lifestyle.

This training will give delegates the knowledge to identify and recognise the signs of stress in themselves and others, whilst offering tools and techniques to develop resilience. It will also help identify unhealthy coping strategies. This training may additionally be useful for practitioners who may need to support others during wellbeing conversations.

Learning objectives:

• Know what stress is and recognise the signs of stress

• Recognise the causes of stress and the relationship between transition/change and stress

• Recognise unhealthy coping strategies and understand how LWD can support change

• Develop resilience-building, positive stress-management strategies

• Start the process of positive change

The course accommodates a maximum of 20 participants and will involve interactivity and collective learning.

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