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Most people worldwide will experience back pain during their lifetime, it can be disabling and worrying but it is very common and rarely dangerous. Things you wished your doctor told you – a conversation with a Physiotherapist.

In this session, you will get a deeper understanding of what back pain is, how to manage it and find answers to some of the questions you might have in terms of:

  • 10 things you need to know about your back
  • Facts about back pain and exercise
  • Separating facts from fiction
  • Managing back pain at work (at your desk, lifting, handling, on your feet)
  • Managing back pain at home (gardening, DIY, around the house)
  • Understanding complexity of pain (why things hurt)
  • Resources – where to look
  • Activities – what is most recommended

This is a physiotherapy-led session of 1 hour, 30 minutes with the opportunity to stretch and move whilst at your desk. There will be a 10 – 15 min break in-between and an opportunity to ask questions and refer yourself to the physiotherapy team.

The event is open to everyone and can be accessed through this link: Click to join

Date: 26th November, 2021

Time: 12.15pm – 13.45pm

Duration: 1.5 hours


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