Whether you’ve had sleeping problems before COVID-19 or if they’ve only come on recently, there are concrete steps that you can take to improve your sleep during this global pandemic.

The National Sleep Foundation looks at the many challenges you may face at the moment, why sleep is so important right now and offers suggestions to help you get those needed hours of rest.

Sleep Seminars In November

Throughout november Health and Wellbeing Coach, Janette Kirk-Willis is running Sleep Seminars over three sessions covering topics such as how and why we sleep, what is “sleep hygiene” and the benefits having winding-down routines to help ease you into sleep at the end of a long day.

The sessions are drop-in and require no registration. More information can be found on our Events page.

Sleep Well, Live Well – Events Page

Watch (55 mins): Sleep well, led by Ellie Sturrock

A session covering the biology, beliefs and distress around sleep. It teaches several strategies to use from tonight onwards to help you improve your sleep.

Informed by work from CBT for insomnia and the work of Dr Neil Stanley sleep specialist and author of the book ‘How to Sleep Well’.

Ellie has also prepared some notes to go with the presentation. Download the notes as a pdf.

Read: a presentation from our physios on tips and tricks for better sleep

Simple changes you can make now to get a better night’s sleep by sarah.johnstone
Download these slides as a PowerPoint presentation

If you only have 10 minutes…

Take a few moments to wind down, with these 5-10 videos or audio clips. Or come back to them at bedtime, and see if they make a difference.


Try this simple two-minute visualisation from Headspace to soothe the mind, relax the body and wind down for a restful night’s sleep:

Six scientifically-grounded tips for setting the stage for a good night’s sleep from sleep scientist Matt Walker:


These 10-minute sleepcast tasters from Headspace use sound and visualisation to create the perfect atmosphere for healthy, restful sleep. Each one begins with a short wind-down followed by a journey through a landscape with its own dreamy atmosphere.


The Sleep Council’s Good Night Guide sets out seven practical steps to a good night’s sleep.

15 science-backed tips from Headspace on how to sleep better.

When you have a bit more time…

Our own Assistant Psychologist, Fran Harber, has recorded a webinar packed with tips and suggestions to help you sleep better. In 17-minutes Fran covers:

  • Why we sleep
  • The Circadian Rhythm
  • Sleep drive
  • Anxiety and sleep
  • Stress and sleep
  • Lifestyle
  • Night-time routines
  • Building a wind-down routine

Our colleagues at Steps2Wellbeing have produced a sleep webinar as part of their ‘Coping with COVID’ webinar series:

In March 2020, the Mental Health Foundation commissioned two surveys on sleep and mental health from YouGov: one of 4,437 UK adults aged 18+ and another of 2,412 GB teenagers aged 13-19. You can read the report here.