Depending on where you work, there is a network of people to support you.

NHS England

In the current climate of increasing pressures on our healthcare system, our NHS people potentially face significant stresses. NHS England has introduced a confidential staff support line operated by the Samaritans and free to access from 7:00am – 11:00pm, seven days a week. To speak to a Samaritans advisor, please call 0800 069 6222.

The Samaritans support line is there for all our NHS colleagues who have had a tough day, are feeling worried or overwhelmed, or who have a lot on their mind and need to talk it through. Trained advisers can help with signposting and confidential listening. You can also access support through the text service, by texting FRONTLINE to 85258 for support 24/7.

NHS England also has a range of additional support offers in place to suit a range of different health and wellbeing needs. Please click on the link below to find out what works best for you.

Read More – Support available for our NHS people

Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council

Services available
  • Employee Assistance Programme provided by Health Assured
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Information, guidance and signposting information
If you work for BCP Council, your first points of access are:
  • Wellbeing and Covid pages on the BCP intranet
  • Guidance for managers on the HR Hub on the BCP intranet
  • Online learning and information on i-learn
  • Weekly wellbeing newsletter

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Services available
  • Employee Assistance Programme provided by Carefirst for information and free counselling
  • Detailed self-help information on the CCG’s health and wellbeing site
  • Wellbeing Champions
  • Occupational Health
  • Menopause advice and support group
  • Home-schooling support group
  • Various wellbeing courses
  • Other self-development courses
  • Access to coaching and mentor programmes
If you work for Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, your first points of access are:
  • Health and Wellbeing site for self-help information and signposting to external organisations
  • Manager
  • Wellbeing Champions
  • Workforce Team
  • Self-referral to Carefirst

Dorset Council

Services available
  • Self-help information
  • Wellbeing Advisory team
  • Mental Health Champions
  • Breathing Space support telephone line
  • Talking therapy service, including CBT and counselling
  • Mindfulness programme
  • Wellbeing workshops and courses
  • Stress management
  • Occupational Health
If you work for Dorset Council, your first points of access are:

Dorset HealthCare

Services available
  • Wide range of physical and mental health resources and self-care information
  • Range of supportive staff networks
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Health and Wellbeing Champions
  • Counselling
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Flash group sessions for those who’ve experienced a disturbing event, urgent/acute mental health issues support
If you work for Dorset HealthCare, your first points of access are:
  • Doris (intranet) health and wellbeing pages – click on the Health and Wellbeing button on the Doris homepage
  • Line manager
  • Health and Wellbeing Champions (find the list of Champions on Doris or from the wellbeing team)
  • Contact the wellbeing team on 01202 277219 or


Services available
  • Wellbeing toolkit – a range of mental health resources and self-care information
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Counselling
If you work for Tricuro, your first points of access are:
  • SharePoint where you’ll find links to the wellbeing toolkit, a list of Mental Health First Aiders. You’ll also find the contact number for the Dorset Council free and confidential counselling service, which Tricuro staff are able to use.

University Hospitals Dorset

Services available
  • Self-care information
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Emotional support service, including counselling and psychological support
  • Individual and team interventions
  • Team leader development and support
If you work for UHD, your first points of access are:

Next steps

If this website and your employer aren’t able to give you the support you feel you need, please refer yourself to the Wellbeing Hub.