Try your hand at drawing on National Pencil Day

When we found out that today – 30 March – is National Pencil Day (albeit in the US!) we knew we had to use it as an opportunity to share a little drawing tutorial.

Sally Northeast from Dorset HealthCare loves drawing, and shares her passion for putting pencil to paper with us in these two videos.

Each video is under three minutes long, so grab a pencil and some paper (plus colored pencils if you’re feeling fancy) and learn how to draw a rose and/or an under-the-seascape.

Find more ideas to help you get creative.

Things you never knew you needed to know about the humble pencil…

  • The average pencil can draw a line measuring approximately 45 miles
  • Pencils can write in zero gravity and also underwater
  • Before the invention of erasers, breadcrumbs were used to erase mistakes.
  • Fourteen billion pencils are produced in the world every year.
  • The word ‘pencil’ is derived from the French word ‘pincel’ meaning ‘ a small paint brush’.