September 29 is World Heart Day!

The pandemic has taught us a lot about the need to stay connected even when we cannot be together. This year’s theme, use ❤️ to connect, not only reinforces this need but reminds us of our shared responsibility to restore lost connections in our networks and communities.

Staying connected is a vital aspect of emotional wellbeing. When you maintain social connections, you keep your mind and soul in a healthy place and increase self-worth. Notice how you feel happier and function better at work when you have a positive relationship with your colleagues?

As you use ❤️ to connect and rebuild relationships, keep heart health top of mind by staying active. The heart, just like all other muscles in the body, needs regular exercise to function optimally. Research confirms that consistent physical activity reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.

So, use ❤️ to connect but stay active while you’re at it.

How are you connecting today?

There are lots of resources here on our website to help you find ways to stay active and exciting events to keep you ahead.