Have you ever considered a career in children’s mental health but don’t think your background or qualifications fit the bill? You might be surprised how many routes there are into a CAMHS career.

Dorset CAMHS offers opportunities for people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Perhaps you’re already working in healthcare but don’t have experience in mental health, or you haven’t worked with children or young people before. Maybe you’re looking to gain clinical experience while you study, or you’re about to qualify and are thinking about your next steps.

Whatever your professional background, if you’re caring, compassionate and motivated to make a difference to young people’s lives, we’d love to hear from you. We can often provide training to help staff develop the expertise needed to work in children’s mental health – and whilst some roles in CAMHS require specialist qualifications and experience, there are many others where skills gained in other roles are just as important.

Find out more about roles in Dorset CAMHS, and the qualifications and experience required for different positions, in our guide to careers in CAMHS. Alternatively, take a look below to see how you could use your skills at CAMHS.