Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement (Qi) provides a framework to look at what we can do to redesign the way care is provided and evaluate if we can do it better. Qi methodology supports us in looking at things big or small with a different lens.

Systematic evidence-based approach is used alongside tools and techniques to improve experience and outcomes for colleagues, service users and their families and carers. It can also be used to improve our working environment.

Qi utilised the subject matter expertise of people closest to the issue, including staff and service users, to identify solutions and test them.

It allows everyone to have a voice and feel empowered to take part in making a real difference.

Quality Improvement training is available to all staff across the Integrated Care System of Dorset and is offered in a tiered approach dependant on your existing knowledge and experience. Connecting networks across Dorset to make improvements that benefit all our service users.

  • Qi Lite an Introduction to Quality Improvement

  • QSIR Fundamentals & QSIR Virtual

  • QSIR Practitioner

  • QSIR Associate Member

Course title Level Time commitment Delivery Requirements
QI Lite Basic level: Introduction to QI 2 hours Virtually – open to ICS No prior QI knowledge needed
QSIF (Fundamentals) Basic level: Introduction to QI 7.5 hours Face to face

1 day course

It is recommended that Qi Lite is undertaken before QSIRF
QSIR V (Virtual) Medium level: Introduction to QI + introduction to tools and further methodology 12 – 15 hours Virtually – open to ICS

8x webinars + café learning session + VALS

Little prior QI knowledge needed, beneficial to have QI project experience and/or currently involved in QI project or have completed Qi Lite.
QSIR P (Practitioner) Advanced level: Project and line manager agreement 28 – 50 hours Face to face

5 x 1 day courses (under review, potentially more)

Some prior QI knowledge needed, need to be actively involved/leading QI project for duration of course. Line manager agreement required.
QSIR Association (QSIR College) Expert level: Become a QSIR trainer (associate). Line manager agreement required. Ongoing commitment to deliver QSIR training Face to face/virtual Run by NHS England & Improvement.

Part of accreditation: exam and assessment.

Reaccreditation: evidence of delivery of QSIR modules within ICS.

Line manager agreement required and agreement for continued delivery (need to complete QSIR P prior to signing up).

Qi Lite (entry level)

Qi Lite is an interactive two-hour course, which gives participants a quick and basic understanding of quality improvement (Qi). It is aimed at individuals who are new to the subject and want to understand what we mean by Qi and how we can use an improvement methodology in our everyday roles. The course introduces Qi methodology and some of the commonly used tools to support you in making small improvements in your work area. It is open to both local authority and healthcare staff, whether operational, clinical, non-clinical, or commissioning, and is free of charge.

QSIR Fundamentals (Foundation)

This one-day programme is carried out face-to-face, offering participants an introduction to a range of tried and tested service improvement tools and approaches that give them the confidence and skills to start on their improvement journey.

QSIR virtual (Intermediate)

This is a new virtual training offer in alignment with QSIR Fundamentals and QSIR Practitioner programmes designed as an intermediate-level introduction to Quality Improvement. This programme is split into eight interactive modules.

(dates to be confirmed)

The QSIR Practitioner (Advanced)

The Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) Practitioner programme is an in-person, five-day course designed for both clinical and non-clinical staff with experience in quality improvement. The programme will provide the skills, tools, and techniques to support any individual or team to successfully deliver their own quality improvement project. If you are interested in attending or would like to know more, please contact your relevant transformation lead. Contact emails are listed.

QSIR Associate Member

If you would like to join your local QSIR faculty and deliver training, you can enrol on the national QSIR College programme.

The QSIR College programme is designed for both clinical and non-clinical staff with significant experience in quality improvement. Candidates need to be committed to working as a member of the Dorset Associate team and only those who successfully meet all assessment criteria will be accredited as associate members of NHS England’s QSIR teaching faculty, and therefore qualified to deliver QSIR across Dorset.

Contact details:

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

Email: dhc.quality.improvement@nhs.net

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Email: transformationoffice@dchft.nhs.uk

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Email: improvement@uhd.nhs.uk