Christos Christoforidis

Clinical Scientist

“We’ve been in Dorset for five years now. Quite often we’ll visit the beach with our daughter, and every time we leave feeling so lucky. We’ve never had any second thoughts about moving here.”

Julia Cornish


“I moved to the area after meeting a GP at triathlon club who spoke about how great Dorset is, and I was encouraged to apply for GP roles in the area. We decided to make the move from Yeovil and now live in Sherborne, working in Shaftesbury.”

Leslie Preston

Mental Health Nurse

We now have a very different pace of life. I do Yoga on the beach in Lyme Regis every week, take day trips to Weymouth, enjoy great local food and BBQs on the beach and I am able to practice my surfing skills and paddle boarding!

Nicola Partridge

Outpatient Physiotherapy Team Lead

“It’s so lovely being near the coast. For the first year it felt like being on holiday! My commute along the coast road to Portland and Lyme Regis means I can see the sea every time I travel. The whole commute is just full of beautiful scenery.”

Rachel Morris

Leg Ulcer Staff Nurse

“Since coming to Dorset I’ve never been happier, and my stress levels have never been better! There are so many places to walk – we didn’t use the car at all during lockdown, we could just make some sandwiches and a flask and explore the local area on foot.”

Catherine Morgan

Chief Respiratory Physiologist

“I’ve only been here a few months but I’ve been made to feel so welcome by my team; I’ve been able to suggest some improvements which are working out well and I’ve got stuck in with an exciting research project. I really feel like my career is taking off here.”

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