The ambition of Our Dorset is for everyone to have the best possible health and care outcomes. Living healthier, longer and fulfilling lives.

Our vision is for everyone to have access to high quality, joined-up health and care services, available when and where they are needed.
Considerable progress has been made on the complex task of planning the total reconfiguration of health services in Dorset to make this happen. In September 2017, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group announced its decisions on the outcome of the Clinical Services Review.

This includes the development of a major emergency hospital and a major elective hospital in east Dorset. National evidence shows this will deliver better, safer services for patients. Work is proceeding on the detailed business case to support the capital investment of £147 million which the Department of Health and Social Care has earmarked for this major development.

Dorset has also been designated as one of the national pilot sites for the development of an integrated care system involving all NHS and local authority organisations in the county. Considerable progress has been made in establishing the governance arrangements for all the key organisations to work together on common priorities including the pooling of resources where necessary.

In this way we are all contributing to the delivery of the three overarching programmes agreed in the Dorset Sustainability and Transformation Plan – the One Acute Network, Integrated Community and Primary Care Services and Prevention at Scale.