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Graphic Designer

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Meet Maryann

Graphic Designer

Support Services

“I get to spend my day around inspiring people and innovation every day.”



Maryann is a Graphic Designer for one of Dorset’s NHS organisations. Her role sees her leading on graphic design for NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, and she is the organisation and wider system expert. She supports the Engagement and Communications team to design, typeset and publish a wide variety of projects and documents.

Maryann’s main responsibilities include:

  • brand creation and development

  • creating content for digital and print channels to promote and strengthen identity and service use

  • marketing Our Dorset through creative communications.

How did she get started?


After leaving University Centre Somerset, she began her career with the NHS as a Graphic Design Intern.

After her year-long internship she was offered her current role as Graphic Designer within the same team.

Where can it take her?

Maryann is at the beginning of her journey as a graphic designer. She would like to stay within the NHS to develop her skills and gain vital experience in graphic design and communications, and then use this as a stepping stone to build her own creative agency in the future.

What would she say to others interested in a career in the NHS?

“There’s something for everyone in the NHS. Find something you love and apply it to the role.

Knowing you’re working for an organisation with people’s welfare at the centre, and doing something you’re passionate about makes going to work less like… work.

I get to spend my day around inspiring people and innovation every day. It’s the perfect place for a creative.”

Locality Pharmacist

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Meet Sarah

Local Pharmacist

Primary Care

“You will get things to change for the better!”



Sarah works closely with GP practices in Dorset to ensure every Dorset pound spent on medication is spent in the best way. Sarah also works closely with care homes, promoting the role of pharmacists and to ensure they are supported by GP practices. Sarah’s main responsibilities include:

  • providing advice and guidance to ensure practices are safe and are prescribing high quality and cost effective medication

  • helping answer questions by practices to support patients care

  • looking into treatments, sourcing the right medication and the evidence

How did she get started?


This took her onto Oxford where she completed a 3 year residency and Clinical Pharmacy Diploma. To escape the night work and shifts, Sarah took a break and went travelling to Asia for 6 months before returning to Oxford to focus on neurology, gastroenterology and nutrition. During this time she also completed a masters in Clinical Pharmacy.

Sarah then took stock of where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do. Sarah felt her future was working with or in primary care. She felt her role as a Locality Pharmacist would enable her to help and support and much wider population. We are lucky that this brought her to Dorset.

Where can it take her?

Sarah is keen to continue to develop her career in Dorset. She loves working and living here and sees future continuing to support the Dorset community.

What would she say to others interested in a career in the NHS?

“Find yourself a good mentor and keep chipping away – you will get things to change for the better!”

Human Resources Administrator

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Meet Beth

Human Resources Administrator

Support Services

“Go for it! The NHS is so supportive with your development and career aspirations.”



Beth works as a Human Resources Administrator in one of the NHS organisations in Dorset. Beth’s main responsibilities include:

  • acting as the first point of contact for queries from staff

  • administering to the recruitment process to attract people in to the organisation

  • processing payroll changes including new starters and leavers

  • helping out with a whole range of staff engagement initiatives including the staff recognition scheme

How did she get started?


Beth moved down to Dorset with her family and was keen to work for an organisation that made a real difference to the lives of people.

Beth saw the opportunity to work in the NHS and in a part of the business which she felt she would be interested in.

After just 18 months, Beth is now being supported to complete her Level 5 HR Apprenticeship which she hopes will help her progress her career in Human Resources further.

Where can it take her?

Beth enjoys getting involved in a range of tasks at work which will help her discover which career path she would like to take.

Being supported in her studies whilst working means she has the best of both worlds.

What would she say to others interested in a career in the NHS?

“Go for it! The NHS is so supportive with your development and career aspirations.

You get to work with likeminded people who really care about you and what you want to do with your career. And most of all you get to have fun whilst doing a job you are proud about.”

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