Meet Chiara

Speech and Language Therapist

Tell me in a couple of sentences what you do in your role?

I work with adult inpatients with swallowing, communication or voice disorders which arise as a result of acute or progressive conditions. I help patients, their families, carers and friends understand and cope with newly diagnosed communication and swallowing conditions, by for instance prescribing food or drinks in modified consistencies or providing augmentative and alternative communication advice and materials.

I work with the MDT to ensure patients have the appropriate means of nutrition/hydration to improve their quality of life, or to put in place the appropriate comfort eating/drinking advice is in place at the end of their life. You can find SLTs around pretty much all wards (cardio, respiratory, gastro, OPM, AMU, stroke..), just look out for the white uniform with yellow stripes!

Why do you like working for University Hospitals Dorset?

I moved from London to Bournemouth to start my first NQP job as an SLT. It is great to finally live by the sea again and so close to the New Forest. I like working at UHD because I have been welcomed by a fantastic SLT team and great MDT, and I have already had several opportunities to expand my knowledge of neuro/acute SLT and progress with my career.

What makes you feel proud about your role?

Knowing that many of the people I work with are discharged from hospital being able to enjoy some food and drinks, whether in regular or modified consistencies, makes me feel proud about my role. Supporting patients’ families, friends, and the MDT to understand more about what I do as an SLT is also very rewarding and worthwhile.