Meet Chloe

Acute Speech and Language Therapist

Tell me in a couple of sentences what you do in your role?

I’m currently developing my skills to work in critical care with patients with tracheostomy tubes whilst also seeing patients on the acute medical wards in relation to swallowing and communication impairments. I have a particular interest in respiratory dysphagia and dysphagia post cardiac surgery.

Why do you like working for UHD?

The multidisciplinary team are super friendly and approachable. I enjoy working closely with the respiratory physiotherapists and ward occupational therapists and always feel welcomed on the wards. The Speech therapy team are also super friendly and sociable.

What makes you feel proud about your role?

You never stop learning. The more you learn, the more you realise there’s even more to learn. I always feel like I’m developing and expanding my knowledge and skills.

Anything else you’d like to add about UHD/working in the NHS?

I get to jump in the sea before work and run along the beach after work- what’s not to love!