Christos Christoforidis

Clinical Scientist

Hello from Dorset! I’m Christos, a clinical scientist in Bournemouth. I’ve lived in three different countries and seven cities throughout my life, including Dundee, London, and Birmingham, but I always wanted to live by the coast.

My family used to buy Coast magazine, which would have stories of people taking a leap of faith and leaving the city to move closer to the sea. It was our dream to do the same – to finish work and go and swim in the sea if we wanted to. When this opportunity in Dorset came up I applied, and when I was offered the position I didn’t think twice – I just went for it!

We settled in Ferndown, which has the benefit of being 20 minutes from the beach and has the New Forest National Park right on the doorstep, which is great for cycling. I’m based in Christchurch, so my commute is only a short drive from home too.

I went back to London for a conference once, near where I used to live and I really struggled with the noise, the amount of cars, the crowds, and with how busy the city was in general – I couldn’t wait to leave!

We’ve been in Dorset for five years now. Quite often we’ll visit the beach with our daughter, and every time we leave feeling so lucky. We’ve never had any second thoughts about moving here.

I now work in one of only 15 teams across the country. I am the service lead for environmental controls. We help disabled people access appliances in their environment, for example things like TVs, lights, smart devices and computers. I love what I do and how I can help people live better lives.