Julia Cornish

Hello from Dorset! I’m Julia, a GP at the Blackmore Vale Partnership in Dorset, living in Sherborne.

I moved to the area after meeting a GP at triathlon club who spoke about how great Dorset is, and I was encouraged to apply for GP roles in the area. We decided to make the move from Yeovil and now live in Sherborne, working in Shaftesbury.

I then did my GP training in Dorset and never left. We bought a house and got married here. We love living in the area and do loads of outdoor sports. The beach is a 40-minute drive away and we do mountain biking, road cycling and kayaking.

We were used to travelling over an hour to the beach, so 40 minutes is fine for us. Being in north Dorset some things are slightly further away but it gives you the best of both!

My family and I now live in a market town. There are loads of restaurants and nice pubs. Yeovil is only down the road and we are close to all the big supermarkets and everything else we might need. We are also only two hours away from Cornwall.

With my brother living in New York, we regularly chat on the phone. Recently he mentioned he could see the stars that night – and only occasionally sees them. Living here in Dorset I can see the stars in the sky every night!