Rachel Morris

Leg Ulcer Staff Nurse

Hello from Dorset! I’m Rachel, a leg ulcer staff nurse for Dorset HealthCare. I moved to Dorset from Milton Keynes with my family. My husband had played with local bands here, so we’d visited the area often and loved it, so we decided to make the move!

It’s a lovely place to live, and work-wise I feel very supported. I had everything I needed waiting for me when I first arrived. Our IT department are amazing – the team makes life so much easier, it’s really something to celebrate. I can even use my laptop and smart card at home to write up notes!

I work as part of the leg ulcer service and we are managed by a tissue viability nurse. This means better management to me, as in my previous job we were managed by district nursing and they didn’t fully appreciate our role! The service has been set up the right way, and although it is a new system and I didn’t know anyone in the area, I have felt very supported.

Since coming to Dorset I’ve never been happier, and my stress levels have never been better! There are so many places to work – we didn’t use the car at all during lockdown, we could just make some sandwiches and a flask and explore the local area on foot. We are currently living in Owermoigne, and my family and I can walk to the beach and the local farm from home.