Coaching is a way of giving people space and time to think, it can have a significant impact on the development of individuals, and consequently our organisations, during a period of complexity, transition and change.

Benefits of coaching

Coaching can:

  • Improve your sense of direction, clarity of thoughts and focus

  • Re-boot your passion for what you are doing

  • Facilitate your decision making at crossroad points in your career

  • Help identify key priorities

  • Develop your capacity to take on new roles and responsibilities

  • Provide a safe place to discuss motivations and refresh thinking about challenges and opportunities

  • Assist you when starting in a new role

  • Improved level of self and other awareness

  • Facilitate exploration of fresh perspectives to tricky challenges

Interested in finding a Coach?

If you are interested in finding a coach, or would like to register your availability as a coach, please contact the following, depending on the organisation you work for:

University Hospitals Dorset –

Dorset County Hospital –

Dorset Healthcare –

Primary care – Coaching Faculty – Dorset Primary Care Training Hub

NHS Dorset –

Dorset Council – please register via

Already a trained Coach?

Supervision and Continued Professional Development for Coaches

  • From Autumn 2020 there will be a programme of CPD and Supervision offering across the Dorset System
  • Coaches will be able to access this on a quarterly basis
  • Dates and Details to follow


Our Dorset Development Hub

A free dedicated training and development hub.

The Our Dorset Development Hub opened in April 2019. We have a beautiful space in West Moors to host health and social care meetings as well as development sessions for staff across Dorset.

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