Our Dorset Project Management Competency Framework has been developed with organisations across the system to identify skills and attributes required to be a successful project manager within Our Dorset.

The competency framework

The framework consists of 12 competencies based around outcomes that project professionals within ‘Our Dorset’ should strive to achieve.

Each competency includes a description of behaviours, skills and knowledge expected at different levels of project management within Our Dorset.

Self-assessment tool

The self-assessment tool has been designed to enable you to assess your level of competence against the competency framework and to identify your strengths and development opportunities.

The associated guidance for how to complete your assessment and how to interpret your results can be found below.

Guidance for employees

Guidance for managers

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User experiences

“Having the opportunity to put myself and my team through this training will be so useful for our service going forwards”.

Heidi Croucher, Smoking in Pregnancy Lead Midwife – University Hospitals Dorset

“It is very reassuring as a new starter to the organisation, to know that there will be a tool to get you to wherever you want your skill level to be. Knowing that it will be available to all, so that everyone has access to learn the same skills, is great. It’s really useful to know that I can focus on particular areas of interest/use without having to spend time on areas that I may already know or are less useful to me in my role or longer-term career plans.”

“The tool was really easy to use and covers a wider variety of skills within project management – but is equally as useful to project support staff who may not want to go into project management but want to improve some of their skills.”

Sarah Davies, Project Support Officer

“This course (PM Lite)  has given me boost to look further into a career in Project Management”.

Tyne Williams, Westbourne Medical Centre

“The support alongside the course from the whole team has been excellent”.

Janette Beer, University Hospitals Dorset
“It’s a really great tool; comprehensive yet simple to use and aesthetically pleasing. I like that it recognises project management skills as a broad range of things that can’t be covered by a generic project management course, and that it will ultimately allow people to hone the specific areas they need to develop.”
Lauren Bishop, Public Health

“It’s great to have been involved in developing the project management competency framework. We’ve had people from across the whole system thinking about all the skills you need in project management for people coming in brand new to the system or for those that have been involved in working in project management for a number of years. We’ve started with a long list of competencies and have managed to hone it down to twelve which is really manageable and I think will really work. I’m really pleased that my team has been able to be involved in piloting the self-assessment tool, we’ve given lots of feedback which has been taken on-board and I am really looking forward to seeing the final version”

Sally-Ann Webb, Programme Manager (One Acute Network)

“Any opportunity to join up across the public sector is a positive step and in this case, it has been invaluable in helping us determine a common approach to project management skills across the system. It has been a great experience to meet colleagues, and develop this together in a true example of co-production.”

Nina Coakley, Dorset Council

Project Management Lite Training

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting two virtual PM Lite cohorts in 2024, utilising MS Teams as our platform.

The first cohort commences on 11 January and will run for 5 weeks, every Thursday from 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM. The second cohort will start on April 18, following the same 5-week schedule on Thursdays from 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

PM Lite is an introductory course to project management and is aimed at individuals who are new to project management or those who are looking to refresh their knowledge. This training has been designed by experienced experts from across ‘Our Dorset.’